A Special "Disability" Space, and a Notebook!

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A Special "Disability" Space, and a Notebook!

While waiting for the answer to your disability payment request, don't let your guard down and allow these priorities to be "put on the back burner"...

Take that period of waiting time to make sure that you have everything you will need to keep the application process flowing.You will need detailed information regarding every single doctor you have seen from the time your problems began, even if it is not related to your the illness that you are requesting disability payments for.

Find a table top, desk, or shelf that you can keep all of your x-rays, doctor statements and bills,

release papers from any hospital or doctor's visits.

It is just as important to maintain a special notebook, designated for your "disability" notes. You should be keeping a legible listing every telephone call you've made, how long you spent on the telephone (holding or not), with the date, time, person's name that you spoke to, person and department you may have been transferred to, and results of the telephone call. You will be very happy you've kept these records when you recieve a bill from your attorney, if you should decide to hire one, billing you for each quarter of an hour increment!



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