Are You Starting To Think That You May Be Legally Disabled?

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Are You Starting To Think That You May Be Legally Disabled?

When feeling so poor that you're thinking that you almost can't go on, go to the Emergency Room or at the very least see a Doctor, as soon as possible. For any company to allow you time off of work, you must have documentation from physicians and/or specialists proving that you cannot work due to a physical or mental limitation. You will need letters on their letterhead paper, not just a note on a prescription pad, detailing your symptoms, and how long you will need to be off of work.

If you are not currently employed, start looking for clinics where you can make payments or pay on a sliding scale, because you will need to be visiting your new doctor many times before an application for disability pay from your job or from Social Security Disability would be considered. Documented visits to specialists and/or counselors will be necessary as well. It is beneficial to keep a notebook or calendar with contact names and topics. You will be very fortunate to have a family member or loved one that can support you while you continue through this process, as well as a support system to turn to for help, for an understanding ear or comforting hug. It can be difficult to follow-up on all the telephone calls, trips to appointments, and paperwork to be completed, while you are feeling so ill.



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