Choosing An Attorney To Help You With Your Disability Claim

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Choosing An Attorney To Help You With Your Disability Claim

Before you decide whether you will use an attorney's assistance to process your Social Security Disability claim, be sure to do some investigative work first. If you look in your local Yellow Pages, under "Attorneys", you will see advertisements stating whether a law office accepts disability claims or not.

That is just the first step.

Next, it is very important that you (in some it takes working up some nerve first) call to see what their success rate is in winning disability cases. They may not tell you the truth, but sometimes you can at least speak to the attorney themselves This gives you the opportunity to "feel out" whether you even wish to work with them or not.

You will be speaking with this person possibly once a week for up to the next two years, it is imparitive that you feel that you can trust them and work well with them. Speaking to them briefly over the telephone first, saves you a trip to their office for the initial consultation, and removes some of the pressure you might feel to hire them or not while there in front of them.

It's not always necessarily a good decision to go with the "nicest" or "most courteous" law firm either. You will want them to be somewhat aggressive in court and on the telephone while working on your claim. My own personal experience was not so much that I had a "nice'"attorney, but that he had fought & won the previous case before mine with the same judge that my case was assigned to. The judge called him and approved my case over the telephone to avoid having to listen to him argue a case with him again. I was very fortunate to have the legal representation that I had. I hope the same for you.



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