Keep Copies and Receipts of EVERYTHING!

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Keep Copies and Receipts of EVERYTHING!

Please remember this very important tip: ALWAYS make a copy of EVERYTHING you turn into Social Security! It is very possible that Social Security could lose all of your paperwork, with the thousands of applications that they receive everyday. Also remember to make a zerox copy of the Social Security forms

that you fill out. Make a folder for yourself and keep EVERYTHING, including all correspondence that you receive from Social Security, in one SAFE place. I strongly suggest getting a fire-proof box or container for these documents. Your entire future livelihood depends on this paperwork.

All forms, letters, or documents sent to Social Security should be sent by certified mail, "return receipt requested" or taken in to your local office in person. If Social Security loses your application for SSD along with ALL of those doctor's letters, forms, & receipts, you will have to have proof that you turned it in on time, or that you turned it in at all. Can you imagine having to start from scratch and get copies of all of that AND filling out the application ALL OVER AGAIN??! If you take something in, in person, or if you send it in the mail, make sure you get a receipt.



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