Take Your Application In Person or Get Proof You Mailed It

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Take Your Application In Person or Get Proof You Mailed It

Social Security sends forms to you with a self- addressed, no postage needed, envelope. (Which I used, and I guess I was really lucky that my forms weren't lost!) If you use this envelope and they say they never got the forms, you will have no proof that you mailed it. I strongly suggest that you take it to your local Social Security office, where they stamp everything "received" with the date while you stand there, (at least they did when I went to my local Social Security office). If you mail in your forms, send them "return receipt requested' from the post office. That $1.65 or so that you spend may save you from many days spent having to get new copies of doctor's letters & test results, not to mention having to fill out another LONG form you filled out applying for Social Security Disability!



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