Baby Boomer Exercises: Chair Yoga

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What are some exercises baby boomers can do?

Baby Boomer Exercises: Chair Yoga

Yoga is used to strengthen physical and mental abilities. Many people use yoga to keep their bodies in shape. There are many different types of breathing and stretching exercises that can be done from a sitting position in a chair. Yoga exercises stretch and strengthen muscles, which in turn, keeps the body fit and able.

When beginning a yoga session always start with the basics so that you do not injure yourself. Start off with a few deep breathing exercises. Breathe in deeply and slowly for 10 seconds, and exhale slowly out for ten seconds. Do this 10 times for relaxation and better focus. Then move on to wrist and elbow stretches and ankle and leg stretches, if you can. As a person progresses, she or he can move to full body exercises as appropriate.

Chair yoga can be done anywhere a person sits—in front of the television, on a plane, on a bus, during breaks at work. The individual exercises are short and simple. Even when starting out with a breathing exercise, a series of yoga exercises can be done in 10 to 15 minutes.



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