Baby Boomers: Forums

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Where can I find more information on baby boomer topics?

Baby Boomers: Forums

Children born in the baby boomer age were born between 1946 and 1964. This range of 18 years presents people of many ages—the oldest baby boomers are 62 and the youngest are 44 years old.

Forums can provide a plethora of information for baby boomers of all ages, including medical information and business information. Some of the topics are:

Pain and inflammation

Home business

Woodstock and other music topics

Caring for aging parents

Senior living

Cancer, diabetes and other health issues

Home décor

Retirement topics

Making an income while traveling

A baby boomer may want to research any of these topics, but one of the more common topics, especially for older baby boomers, is health topics. Baby boomers can log onto forums to find discussions about certain health issues and get online support for a particular health problem. They can also read about how other people got over certain medical hurdles, including rehabilitation for medical problems and issues.



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