Caregivers: Support and Assistance

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Should I make the time to seek caregiver assistance and support?

Caregivers: Support and Assistance

Being a caregiver can be very stressful, especially if the caregiver is the only person available to be the caregiver. There are programs that can help train a caregiver to learn to take care of him or herself and to prevent burnout and eventual related health problems.

Many programs offer an educational series on how the caregiver should take care of him or herself in areas of stress reduction, life and caregiver balance, communications and how to make hard decisions. Caregiver programs also help the caregiver complete applications for financial assistance, energy assistance, Medicare and Medicaid, transportation services and meal services.

Caregiver assistance groups may be found online or throughout your community. If the caregiver support group is in your local community, it may provide a caregiver library with books and DVDs on caring for an elderly person or a person with health issues. The center may also have computers and staff to help the caregiver research topics of interest relating to their charge's illness.



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