Caregivers: Elderly Caregivers

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Can I get financial help if I am an elderly caregiver caring for an elderly spouse?

Caregivers: Elderly Caregivers

Elderly caregivers are more susceptible to stress related illnesses when caring for a family member. An elderly caregiver is also more likely to get engrossed in caring for his or her loved one that she or he does not get enough sleep or eat properly, further reducing the body's ability to fight off illness and infection.

Because an elderly person's bones may be more brittle than a younger person's bones, elderly caregivers should have help when his or her caregiving responsibilities require lifting the patient. A fall could put both people in a nursing home.

Also, caring for an elderly person can become financially overbearing, especially if the caregiver is elderly and has only social security income to support the family. There are programs that can help caregivers of the elderly and elderly caregivers:

Contact 1-800-677-1116 and ask for eldercare resources in your area. There may be payments available to caregivers under the Older Americans Act of 2006. The program is sponsored by the federal government and administered by the state. If you cannot qualify, always ask if there are other resources.

  • Visit for possible benefits for elderly caregivers
  • Visit for possible benefits for elderly caregivers
Being able to not worry about certain finances relieves some of the stress on elderly caregivers, making the caregiver healthier, ensuring that she or he does not come down with any stress related health problems.



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