Children with Physical Disabilities

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Should children with physical disabilities be allowed to participate in sporting activities?

Children with Physical Disabilities

A child with a physical disability should be encouraged to participate in physical activity and sports. Before participation, the child should be evaluated by his or her doctor so that a sport can be chosen that will best benefit the child.

Participation in sports and other physical activities can improve overall health, including increasing muscle strength, muscle flexibility, endurance, balance and motor skills. Participation also improves cardiovascular efficiency and supports self-concept and body awareness.

While all of that is very important to the health of a child with a physical disability, social interaction is also very important. Participation in sport activities increases social interaction, allowing a child with a physical disability to feel more accepted, elevating the child's self-esteem.

Parents should check local venues for programs that offer sports for a child with a physical disability. The people who run these types of programs are experienced with working with disabled children, and with the help of parents, the child and the child's doctor can help choose an activity that is appropriate for the child.



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