Websites for Children with Disabilities

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Can my child learn from sites on the internet?

Websites for Children with Disabilities

Check to be sure that various activities fit the abilities of the child with the disability. Take into consideration the child's age, interest in subject matter and skill level. Sites like National Geographic offer elementary- to middle-school age children and children with disabilities the chance to learn about nature, history and geography.

A catch-all site with many different activities and levels of activities for children of all ages and abilities is This site is especially helpful for helping children with their homework.

If a website is needed more for informational purposes for parents and teachers, provides many resources and articles about children with disabilities. This website provides links to all sorts of information for children with disabilities, including education and employment, emotional behavior problems, disorders, information on disabilities in infants and toddlers, and help for educators interested in learning about policies and practices related to improved access to a general curriculum.



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