Hearing Impaired Disability

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Does a hearing impaired disability hold a person back?

Hearing Impaired Disability

Sometimes, hearing people think that a person with a hearing impairment cannot do everything that a hearing person can do. Most of the time, though, a hearing person does not even realize that person may have a hearing impairment because of hearing aids. Even without hearing aids, a hearing-impaired person can still do all of the things a hearing person can do, even talking on the telephone. With hearing aids and amplifiers, or even cochlear implants for the severely hearing impaired, it is difficult to tell that a person even has an impairment.

There are also support groups and resources for the hearing impaired. These support groups can help determine what kind of hearing aid works best (recommendations), discuss whether cochlear implants were worth it to someone who has them, talk about overcoming obstacles (such as learning how to hear with cochlear implants) and where to get financial aid for the hearing impaired. Financial aid can be used for college and to purchase any special equipment needed to help the hearing impaired attend college.



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