Disabled Veterans: Benefits

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Are all disabled veterans eligible for benefits?

Disabled Veterans: Benefits

Disabled veterans can get healthcare from the United States government at any of the VA medical centers throughout the nation. If the disability is service connected, the health care is free. If the disability is not service connected, the veteran pays a co-payment to the VA. Prescriptions are also available at a lower cost. If the veteran has service connected disabilities that are less than 100 percent, there is a co-pay on the prescriptions, but the price is the same, no matter what the prescription is. Veterans that are deemed 100 percent disabled have free prescription coverage. Thus, there are many disabled veterans benefits available to those in need, regardless of the type of disability.

Disabled veterans are paid a monthly stipend if the disability is service connected. Benefits start out at 0 percent and go up to 100 percent. A veteran must apply for disability through the VA, then is set up for an appointment for a doctor to check the claimed disability. If the disability is caused by active-duty service, a check will be disbursed to the veteran by the first of each month. Veterans' monthly payments are retroactive to the date of filing the disability claim.



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