Military Family Support

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Where can a military family with a disabled child find help and support?

Military Family Support

Military family support ( is a group that was founded in 2005 to help support military families. Families are often uprooted and moved to different states. In times of war, fathers and mothers are sent overseas for long periods of time. While not having one parent home for such a long period of time is rough for families with a child without a disability, it is rougher for families with a child with a disability. The support network is broken because of distance, and with the added stress of wondering if and when the military family member is coming home, things can get rough. has a nationwide network of information centers through their “Computers 4 Heroes” program. Each of the centers collects information from local cities, including city, county and federal sources. These sources are then made available to military families. Sources may include help from public charities, assistance from the individual branches of the military and base resources. The group also provides education via the Internet or on DVD for families to learn to help themselves.



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