Disabled Veteran's Assistance

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Where can a disabled veteran get assistance?

Disabled Veteran's Assistance

The disabled veteran's assistance website (http://www.dav.org/) offers disabled veterans assistance and support in a number of areas.

The disabled veteran can get claim assistance. Click on the link for locating the DAV service office nearest you. The DAV service office will help a disabled veteran file a claim for veteran's disability. The staff at the office will be able to help the disabled veteran with the claim forms. They can even fill out and mail the claim forms for you, if needed. The DAV service office will also explain how to get service-connected disability payments and can explain how the payments are determined.

If the disabled veteran needs a ride to a VA hospital, the DAV has a service network to help you get to the medical care you need in a non-emergency. If the disabled veteran has an emergency, she or he should call 911. If the VA hospital is close enough so that the veteran's life is not in danger, the disabled veteran can request that the ambulance take him or her to the VA hospital. If the disabled veteran cannot get to the VA hospital, he or she should go to the nearest hospital. The disabled veteran or a family member should contact the VA within 24 hours of admission to alert the VA that a veteran that is getting medical care at the VA hospital has been admitted elsewhere. The VA may cover those hospital bills.



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