Spinal Cord Injury Support

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Is joining a support group for me?

Spinal Cord Injury Support

There are large support networks, not only for spinal cord injury patients, but for families and friends of a spinal cord injury patient. Support sites (online and offline) include resources, information on health issues relating to spinal cord injuries, general information on spinal cord injuries and contacts for help and assistance.

Resources include information on adaptive technology, books, medical supplies, medical equipment, information on traveling, spinal cord injury studies, local hospitals and rehabilitation centers and online magazines and newsletters.

There is also support for spinal cord injury health issues such as autonomic dysrefexia, bladder management, bowel management, skin management, wheelchair (manual and power) set up, pressure sores and urinary tract infections.

While there are many websites with information, http://www.sci-info-pages.com/state-resources.html has a list with links to all of these and more resources, plus listings of support groups that are listed by state.

When at all possible, a spinal cord injury patient should take advantage of the support groups and other information available. This information can help a patient cope with his or her spinal cord injury.



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