Exercises for Osteoporosis

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Is there a good way to strengthen bones?

Exercises for Osteoporosis

A person not only needs calcium and vitamin D for healthy bones, but exercise, too. Weight-bearing exercises for osteoporosis help prevent bone loss. The bones most likely to break are the spine, hip and the radius (a bone in the forearm). Putting loading forces on certain sites gives these bones a great workout. The load-bearing exercises compress and extend the muscles around these bones and create a loading force, helping to strengthen the bones.

High-intensity resistance training gives a person more bone mineral density than low-intensity resistance training. Exercise, such as casual walking, doesn't provide enough force. Other than weights, high-intensity exercises include running, jumping and high-impact aerobic dance for at least 20 minutes three times or more per week.

Find more high-intensity resistance training exercises here: http://www.lhj.com/health/fitness/exercises-for-osteoporosis/



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