Arthritis Exercises

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Should I exercise to help with arthritis pain management?

Arthritis Exercises

The best exercise you can do to help with arthritis is regular, moderate exercise. Regular, moderate exercise will reduce joint pain and stiffness and will help build stronger muscles around the joints. This increases flexibility and endurance.

Exercising to help control arthritis pain has a dual purpose—it also gives you more energy, allows you to sleep better, controls weight gain and promotes overall health by staving off osteoporosis and other disease.

When starting to exercise, start slow. Start with stretching and other flexibility exercises to improve range of motion. After stretching, you can move on to other endurance exercises and weight training exercises. If you are in too much pain to do endurance exercises such as biking or fast walking, start with a water exercise program. Yoga classes are good exercises, as is walking around the block, if you can start out with non-water exercises.

Before starting an exercise plan, you should check with your doctor. He can refer you to a physical therapist who can help you put together an exercise plan to fit your needs.



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