Arthritis Pain Management

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Does arthritis affect other health concerns?

Arthritis Pain Management

Arthritis is a condition that causes pain and swelling in and around the joints. Exercising can help with pain management, as it strengthens the muscles around the joints. In addition to any medications prescribed by a doctor for pain management, ask your doctor about a referral to a physical therapist. The physical therapist can help you put together an exercise plan to best benefit the type of arthritis you have.

Exercises can start with stretching, then graduate into endurance and strength training exercises. If you cannot handle endurance exercises such as biking and walking, ask about a water exercise program. Water exercises still give you range-of-motion exercises, but the buoyancy of the body in the water reduces stress on painful joints.

At least 50 percent of people with arthritis also have heart problems, are overweight or are diabetic. Exercising can help with strengthening the heart and weight loss. Weight loss will, in turn, help with heart problems and will help control diabetes.



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