Wheelchair Accessible Home

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What helps make a home more wheelchair-accessible?

Wheelchair Accessible Home

Making a home wheelchair accessible can be an expensive project, but with financial help from various grants, the financial burden can be reduced. Ramps can be installed for easy access to the home, giving a person in a wheelchair more independence. Bathrooms should be equipped with grab bars for safety. The grab bars can help a person in a wheelchair move from the chair to the tub, shower or toilet independently.

Most wheelchairs are made to fit within standard doorways, so unless the person in a wheelchair lives in an older house, doorways should not have to be modified. Other modifications to make the house wheelchair accessible is to remove deep carpeting in favor of tile or hardwood floors or thinner carpeting. Grab bars in the kitchen can also help support a person in a wheelchair so that he or she may stand to use the stove or sink. There are plenty of affordable ways to make your home into a wheelchair accessible home.



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