Wheelchair Sports

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Are there sports for a person in a wheelchair?

Wheelchair Sports

Many sports, such as baseball, basketball, rugby and football can be adapted to a wheelchair sport. The rules are modified to provide for the wheelchair. For example, in football, the field is only 60 yards long and 22 yards wide. First downs are every 15 yards instead of 10 yards. Games are 50 minutes—two 20-minute halves, with a 10-minute half time. There are no fumbles. A tackle is a touch with one hand above the waist.

Wheelchair sports provide people in wheelchairs with exercise and the ability to meet new people and make friends. Both exercise and the ability to create and maintain friendships can help with the ability to cope with living in a wheelchair. It also provides the person in the wheelchair with upper body exercise. Exercise provides weight control and upper body strengthening, and helps to boost a person's overall health.



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