Wheelchair Disability

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What types of disabilities require the use of a wheelchair?

Wheelchair Disability

There are many disabilities that a person in a wheelchair can have—from cerebral palsy at birth through a debilitating illness later in life. Sometimes a disability can temporarily put a person in a wheelchair. Wheelchairs are not just for those who have no use of their lower extremities, but for those who may have trouble walking any distances or those who tire out easily because of muscle and nerve degenerating conditions.

An example of a nerve degenerating condition that many people do not consider is diabetes. If the diabetes is advanced enough, or if the person suffers from a temporary disability where the nerves are affected, diabetes may not allow the nerves to regenerate. While people who have nerve problems may be able to walk, they may not be able to walk very far. Wheelchairs make it possible for people with any type of disability to leave the house, visit the mall, and do many other things that require extensive walking.



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