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How can pressure sores be averted?

Wheelchair Living

Living in a wheelchair presents other problems, such as pressure sores. While some people can get out of the wheelchair to stand up, some cannot get out of the wheelchair other than to move from one chair to another. Constant sitting can cause pressure sores from the constant pressure on the buttocks and the back of the legs.

There are many products on the market to help with this problem, from air cushions to memory foam. These products can help relieve pressure, keeping pressure sores from appearing and making sitting uncomfortable. The same types of products are also available for standard chairs, not just wheelchairs.

Other additions for wheelchairs include safety flags, reflectors, flashing lights and other safety equipment for wheelchairs. These items allow drivers to see a person in a wheelchair—a person in a wheelchair may be out of view when in front of taller vehicles.

Housing may need to be modified by adding grab bars to the bathroom and kitchen areas. Ramps can be added so that the person does not have to try to wheel up even a small step-up into the home.



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