Wheelchair Patients

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Do people with a short-term disability need a wheelchair?

Wheelchair Patients

Wheelchair patients may have a life-long disability or may have a short-term disability. If a person has a long-term disability, he or she may have an electric wheelchair. The padding on the wheelchair for someone with a long-term disability, such as multiple sclerosis or cerebral palsy is generally thicker. The chair is also made specifically for that person in order to reduce pressure sores and the uncomfortableness from constant sitting. Wheelchairs are made for all types of disabilities, including tilt wheelchairs.

A wheelchair patient may also have a short-term disability or may be recovering from surgery and may need a wheelchair until he or she regains lower-limb functionality. Wheelchairs can be purchased through any medical supply store or via prescription from the attending physical therapist. When purchasing a wheelchair or if insurance provides a wheelchair, a wheelchair patient should be sure that the wheelchair is a good fit based on height and weight.



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