Managing Chronic Pain

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Are there ways to control chronic pain?

Managing Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can be managed with medication, exercise or a combination of both. Before starting an exercise program, talk to a doctor or a physical therapist. He or she can help a person suffering from chronic pain design an exercise program compatible with the type and location of the chronic pain. An exercise program can start out slowly, with stretching and minimal endurance and strength exercising, then can progress as the patient can handle more of the exercises.

Chronic pain can also be managed with medications. A mediation regiment is tailored to each individual's needs. Pain management medications can range from aspirin or ibuprofen to various narcotics. If a combination of diet, exercise and oral pain medications do not satisfactorily manage the pain, a medication pump (with a medication like morphine) can be inserted for the patient, but medication pumps are generally a last resort when other methods are not enough to control the pain.



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