Stroke Recovery: Disability Products

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Are disability products helpful?

Stroke Recovery: Disability Products

A stroke can affect a patient in many different ways, from paralyzing one part of the body to paralyzing an entire side of the body. In some cases, stroke may cause weakness in the entire body or may cripple the entire body. There are many products on the market to help stroke patients become more independent.

For the kitchen, there are scooper plates and plate guards to help make eating much easier for stroke patients with limited upper limb mobility. For daily living and prevention of pressure sores, a variety of gel mattresses, bed wedges, positioning pillows, and air beds are available. Some air beds (which are usually found in hospitals, but can be specially ordered) have an automatic “turner” that will air up one side, turning a patient to the left or right or allowing the patient to lie flat on his or her back. The time frame for each turn can be programmed into the bed.

For bathing and dressing, shower chairs and dressing aids are available to help stroke patients become more independent while caring for themselves. Gait belts, wheelchair accessories, and bed canes can also help stroke patients become more independent.

Using the right disability products and assistive devices can allow stroke patients to have much more independence and not have to rely on caregivers for everything. Depending on the severity of the disability caused by the stroke, these devices may even allow stroke patients to become completely independent in the home.



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