Stroke Rehabilitation: Statistics and Rehabilitation

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Do stroke patients recover completely?

Stroke Rehabilitation: Statistics and Rehabilitation

Stroke is the leading cause of long-term disability in the United States—over 4 million Americans are currently living with the effects of stroke. According to the National Stroke Association, 25 percent of stroke patients recover with minor impairments and only 15 percent die shortly after the stroke. The percentage of survival after the second stroke is only 14 percent. Rehabilitation in the form of medication, exercise, and change of lifestyle is vitally important for people who have suffered from a stroke.

Only 10 percent of stroke patients completely recover after the first stroke. Recovery depends on the amount of damage done to the brain, the skill of the rehabilitation team, and the timing of the rehabilitation. The earlier rehabilitation begins, the more likely it is that survivors will regain lost abilities and skills. Cooperation of family and friends is also pertinent in stroke rehabilitation and recovery.

Stroke rehabilitation does not stop when the patient feels better. Once a person has had a stroke, he or she must make the change of lifestyle for the rest of his or her life in order to prevent a possible second stroke.



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