Multiple Sclerosis Support

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Should I attend support group meetings?

Multiple Sclerosis Support

A multiple sclerosis support network brings people together, so that patients afflicted with multiple sclerosis can get together and share their stories—good and bad. Support groups help a person to know that he or she is not alone in coping with multiple sclerosis.

There are many support groups online and offline. Some online support groups also have links and/or contact information for local, offline support groups. Other information that can be located through online support groups is information on multiple sclerosis, social security disability information and chat rooms or forums.

Some sites also have links to clinical trials and other multiple sclerosis treatments, including news articles on multiple sclerosis. One site, even has podcasts that people with multiple sclerosis can listen to. It also has conferences for veterans that are suffering from multiple sclerosis.

The support provided by many of the online sites is extensive, and it also allows a person to remain anonymous, if he or she wishes.



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