Parkinson's Disease Treatments: Surgery

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Is there surgery for Parkinson's Disease?

Parkinson's Disease Treatments: Surgery

Surgery can be used to treat Parkinson's Disease, but because the location of the target selection is different in each patient, it is only generally located until the brain is opened. Once the brain is opened, the location of the target selection is pinned down. When the surgery is successful, the patient may have to do some post-operative rehabilitation on the affected limb. The patient should also continue taking the Parkinson's Disease medications.

Once the target is confirmed, a test lesion is made for one minute. During the time of the test lesion, the patient is tested for motor dexterity, sensation, and verbal skills. If the tremor improves and no other neurological problems occur, a permanent lesion is made at 75 degrees for one minute. While making the lesion, the patient's neurological status is monitored, and the procedure is stopped if there is any type of impairment or negative changes. If the lesion is not large enough, based on physiologic responses and recordings during the operation, the lesion can be enlarged.



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