Parkinson's Disease and Wheelchairs

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Parkinson's Disease and Wheelchairs

People with any number of lower-limb-restrictive afflictions, including Parkinson's disease, use wheelchairs. Transfer from a wheelchair to another chair, a bed, the shower or tub, and the toilet can be dangerous if not done with the proper support. Wheelchair patients can purchase any number of grab bars to help with wheelchair transfer.

Grab bars should be installed with long screws so that they can support the weight of the patient. Some grab bars have a weight limitation, so the package should be read carefully before purchasing. Grab bars should also be installed properly. If the patient cannot install a grab bar him or herself, someone else should install the grab bars to ensure they are safe.

Another piece of equipment that is helpful when transferring from a wheelchair to another piece of furniture or a bathroom fixture is a walker. A walker without wheels is sturdy enough to help support the patient while he or she is making the transfer and allows for some independence. Whether a patient uses grab bars or a walker to help transfer, safety also depends on the strength of the patient's lower legs. Daily exercise can help strengthen the legs and hips, allowing the patient to independently use grab bars and a walker.



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