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In addition to doctor-prescribed medications for coping with polyarthralgia pain, keeping the muscles in shape also helps to cope with the pain. Start out with stretching exercises, then move on to strength training exercises. Only do what your “pain range of motion” allows you to do, but at least do something each day.

Keeping the muscles toned and in shape can help provide joint support, which can reduce arthritis pain. Work the affected joints as much as possible, then work the non-affected joints. If, later in the day, you feel less pain, do another short exercise period for the affected joints. Stretching the affected muscles will also help with stiffness in the joints, as it keeps the muscle around the joint elastic enough to support the affected joint.

Always start out with stretching exercises, then move onto the strength training exercises. After strength training, cool off with more stretching exercises.



6/15/2011 3:15:21 PM
Jane said:

Great tip, I have just been diagnosed and believe stretching exercises along with strength training will be a great help. Thanks.


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