How Can You Survive If You Can't Work?

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How Can You Survive If You Can't Work?

Although you may wonder how you'll make it: paying for your home, utilities, food, and even your sanity, you must trust that there are ways. Sometimes the stress alone of being in so much pain could make you not want to get out of bed and sink into a depression. Your inability to be a useful part of your family and community may, at times, overcome you with feelings of inadequacy, you have to push on.

Trust in your Higher Power, talk to people who really do care about you, a family member, real friends, a counselor, or a minister. You can survive, and with help, you can still be somewhat happy.

Check at your local United Way office. They can give you valuable resources to contact that will provide links to where you can get free or low cost food, & help with your bills.

Contact the Department of Human Services (or welfare), though you might cringe at the thought, they may provide you with medical and food resources.

If you cannot continue to work, that is the test. If you CAN work, then that will be your challenge with Social Security Disability, and they will expect you to find any way you can to support yourself and earn money. If you can earn money, it might hurt your chances of being approved for SSD benefits.

But, if in fact you truly cannot work, or are advised by your doctor NOT to work, because working will worsen your condition, then you have no recourse but to contact these resources that are there to assist you in circumstances such as this; and then you can pursue the disability benefits that are entitled to you.



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