Appealing Your Decision If You Application For Disability Was Rejected

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Appealing Your Decision If You Application For Disability Was Rejected

Many times, the first application made for Social Security Disability benefits is rejected, and sometimes even the first appeal. To be turned down can be stressful, especially because you may have waited over a year for an answer, but don't give up. Keep in mind that you applied for disability to begin with, because you were unable to work. So right from the beginning, I suggest that you almost EXPECT to be turned down and then plan on appealing.

Reconsider upon this opportunity, if you must:

1) Is it worth possibly going another entire year or more with no income to speak of, maybe depending on a family member or friend for all of your living expenses and daily needs?
2) Are you TRULY physically or mentally completely unable to work?

If the answer is still no, you might want to consider merging your mental state into your Disability appeal. Due to the changes you have had to go through during the past months, waiting so long for an answer to your request for payment, having to depend on others to survive, and then your inability to function like others do on top of it….your mental state has probably suffered. You need to note this and follow up on it with doctor visits & counseling and remember to document everything.



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