Caregivers: Support Groups

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Where can a caregiver find support groups?

Caregivers: Support Groups

Online support groups can contain newsletters and articles for caregivers. The support groups may also have forums so that caregivers can write to other caregivers and give each other support. Many national support groups have an online presence and will have listings of support groups by state. Some of the localized information includes:

  • Local Support Groups
  • Non-Profit Resources
  • Financial Aid
  • Products and Services
  • Rural Caregiver Resources
Caregiver support groups also support caregivers for people with many different health issues, such as Alzheimer's, bipolar issues, long term care, medication management, mobility, ovarian cancer and other cancers, and schizophrenia. Support groups are also helpful for caretakers of other long-term illnesses such as autism and cerebral palsy.

Some support groups may have recipe sharing pages, newsletters for caregivers and other information. There is information on dealing with the stress of phone calls, doctors' visits, traveling back and forth to the appointments, shopping, pharmacy visits and all of the other things that must be done for a person who can no longer do these things for him or herself.



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