Jobs for the Hearing Impaired

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Where can a hearing impaired person look for jobs?

Jobs for the Hearing Impaired

The hearing impaired can do many jobs that a hearing person can do. If an employer does not have the equipment to assist a hearing impaired person to do his or her job, by law, the employer must provide that equipment. An employer must also provide assistance for job interviews, including allowing a hearing impaired person to bring an interpreter if an interpreter is needed.

In most cases, a hearing impaired person's hearing can be corrected to a point that he or she can hear enough to do any job. If a telephone is needed for the job and a hearing aid is not enough, the employer should provide hearing amplifiers for the telephone at the hearing impaired person's desk.

While any employer can hire a hearing impaired person, the federal government also has special hiring practices for the disabled. Most people apply directly to a federal agency or department, then federal employers use a variety of assessment tools to evaluate the applicants. The federal government selects its employees from a list of qualified applicants, and is more apt to hire people with disabilities.



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