Disabled Military Veterans

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Does a veteran get VA disability if the disability is not service connected?

Disabled Military Veterans

A disabled military veteran has a lot of resources at his or her fingertips if he or she lives relatively close to a VA hospital. The VA hospital and any of its clinics provide free health care for disabled military veterans with a service-connected disability and for a small fee for a disabled military veteran without a service-connected disability.

The VA not only provides medical care, but also does research to further medical knowledge to help disabled veterans. Some of the medical centers also provide hospice care, nursing home facilities, physical therapy facilities and a place for families to stay when a veteran must be hospitalized (and the family lives more than 50 miles from the VA medical center).

Disabled military veterans are also entitled to a monthly stipend, if the disability is service connected. To find out whether a veteran's disability qualifies, he or she must file an application for disability through the Veteran's Administration. Disability offices are usually located at one of the main VA hospitals.



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