Disabled Veterans Organizations

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Where can a disabled veteran find information on local organizations?

Disabled Veterans Organizations

There are a few disabled veterans organizations that every disabled veteran should be in touch with. These organizations not only provide updates on services, but they can also provide support for military related disabilities. These organizations include:

Disabled American Veterans: http://www.dav.org/ - this website provides information about disabled veterans, how to find help and other services, lists of benefits for disabled veterans and support forums.

Veterans Administration: http://www.va.gov/ - the VA website provides information about its services and disability claims. Services include health care, the ability to file disability claims, hospice care and travel assistance to and from the hospital.

Vetfriends.com: http://www.vetfriends.com/organizations/directory.cfm?type=14 – vetfriends.com provides a listing local disabled veterans organizations. It also provides a means to search for other veterans, a discussion forum, information on getting military records, loan information, reunion information and links to other sites for military pay and other military matters.



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