Multiple Sclerosis Therapy

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Does MS drug therapyhelp?

Multiple Sclerosis Therapy

There are many types of different therapy that can be done to make it easier to cope with multiple sclerosis, but there is no cure for the disease. For treating secondary-progressive multiple sclerosis, a number of drugs are available: particularly Rebif®, Betaseron® and Avonex®. These drugs have shown some impact on how fast secondary-progressive multiple sclerosis advances.

There are also disease-modifying drugs. These drugs regulate the immune system and appears to correct some things that are fundamental to the advancement of multiple sclerosis.

Chemotherapy also slows multiple sclerosis. Novantrone® is a common chemotherapy drug used in multiple sclerosis patients, but if a patient takes too much of it, the patient can suffer from heart damage. The doses of Novantrone® allowed over a lifetime is regulated. Chemotherapy kills the cells the contribute to multiple sclerosis, and the hope is that, when using chemotherapy, new, healthy cells grow back.

When trying to choose a type of drug therapy for multiple sclerosis, research all of the side effects for all of the drugs. With the help of your doctor, choose the least damaging drug that can help you.



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