Adaptive Driving Equipment

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Adaptive Driving Equipment

There is adaptive driving equipment available for patients that may have otherwise lost the ability to drive. A knob on the steering wheel makes turning the wheel and controlling the vehicle easier. A left-hand gas pedal can also be installed for patients with problems with the right foot or leg. The right-hand gas pedal is left installed, so that other drivers may use the vehicle. The driver uses a switch to move the control over to the left-hand gas pedal. The brake is worked with the left foot. There are also pedal extensions, so that the gas pedal and brake pedal are easily reached.

Other adaptive driving equipment includes hand brake controls and accelerator buttons on the steering wheel. These allow patients with the inability to use their legs or patients with weak legs the ability to drive safely. Special seats can also be installed. The seats are power seats and move forward, backward, up and down.



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